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The Bound  by Michelle Connor

The Bound

by Michelle Connor

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Slipping through her wet fingers, the metal cup fell to the stone floor clanging. She sucked in a sharp, painful breath as it carried on rolling, laying to rest at her father’s feet.

Stepping forward with quivering limbs, she stretched, picking up the culprit. A shadow looms. Turning she hunches her shoulders.

Please, legs move.

Spots dancing in her vision as a short breath escapes her trembling lips.

Hunching until she is small, silent the scream remains, as blackness and pain hold her prisoner against her father’s rage.


His small figure went unnoticed as he shuffled from one shadow to the next. Emmeline will be mad at me, but what other choices do I have. Herveus were so hungry his belly even stopped its constant rumbling for substance. He knew his sister was giving him her portions of what little food they manage to scrounge. More often than not it were a mere mouthful or starting to rot. He may be only seven summers old, but he could see how listless she was becoming.

The Deceived - Coming Soon

Muffled words drifted in and out during intervening moments of consciousness. He tried to grasp a hold of them, impalpable words that had no meaning. Intangible flashes of thought flickered in moments of foggy awareness. He tried to think, everything seemed far-removed. His sister had been there. He tried calling out her name but his lips wouldn’t move. No, that wasn’t right. A young girl, saffron dress torn asunder. Innocence cleaved. Shimmering drops of anguish falling down her sullied cheek. He fell into the abyss de novo.

Ice - Coming Soon

My story is not that of a fairy tale, where the dashing prince sweeps the young princess of her feet. Yes, I love him, but it is a dark love, twisted and rotten at its core. How could something so pure, that first bloomed among the melting snow, lead to such a dark act?