• The Bound - Hers To Save Part One

    Aveline lives an abusive and desolate life in a small isolated village with her father and younger brother. When her father sells her to the local lord, she flees the only life she has ever known. As she escapes into the forest surrounding her home, she comes across a young dragon. Is he real or just a figment of her imagination? Their journey takes them to the main city. When Aveline finds herself in trouble and our disgruntled anti-hero is left with no choice but to come to her rescue. Little does he know she might just become his savior. Herveus lives in the shadows, collecting stains on his soul. He has taken lives to protect his prince, leaving him feeling indifferent to the world around him. What will happen to him when he is forced to step into the light? And can Aveline become strong enough to face what is to come and combat the darkness sweeping beyond her small, lonely world?

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  • Coming Soon - The final Novella in The Hers To Save Trilogy